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widespread religion in turkey but it was a secular government where other people could also worship. and we see that being removed lit bill little in turkey. and i hear from turkish friends who are frightened of what's happening. and now this government seems, our government, seems to be on the rock side in each of these disputes. we're out there trying to work with the taliban while they're killing americans. shouldn't that at least be one precondition? would you stop killing our american soldiers that are training your farmers, training your government officials, could you stop killing them long enough to have our talk? because what needs to be done is, you kill an american, we're going to wipe out a whole bunch of your folks. because we are about protecting ourselves and i still feel guilty for 1979, being in the united states army, when we were attacked, it was an act of war against our embassy in tehran, and we looked weak to the world. and it's still used as a recruiting tool. forget abu ghraib, the best recruiting tool is the way we left vietnam. the way we did nothingle to avenge or
religion. why? >> bill: i don't know if improper is the right word. it's outrageous. >> it's unconstitutional. here is another word for you. >> bill: if you want to put a cross or star of david or crescent for the muslims around your neck. >> disturbing. put it that way. >> is she going to sue? is she going to take this further? >> she brought a letter saying i want an apology. this has been happening not just this one time but upsetting incidents. >> bill: that's a big cross though and that's a cross in play, right? that looks like the cross sister mary larona in the 3rd grade. almost hit me in the nose. >> but even if it's big, she has a right to wear it? >> she has an absolute right in a state school, freedom of expression. >> bill: we don't know whether she is going to litigate? >> she has got to show damages. >> it's been resolved so there is not going to be a financial recovery here. i think it's important for declaratory judgment so it doesn't happen to other people. she could tattoo a cross on herself if she wants. what are they going to do tell her to go home and s
, you see them all, freedom of speech, religion, press, rule of law. property rights you face a jury of your peers but don't have oface them twice. states' rights. the list go osen -- goes on and on. it is a judeo christian culture and society that founded this society. if you take any of that away, anything i just said, the shining city on the hill crumbles. but you see the statue of liberty, people who love liberty all over the world see that statue and they come here because they real rise they can be the best they can be if they come to america. that's why we have in america so much vigor and vitality. not just the american exceptionalism but the vie gor that comes with people who have dreams system of they see the statue and think, now i've got a dream to come there, if i can freely seek and worship and preserve the rule of law, i can operate in a free enterprise society, you put that all together it's a natural filler that gos across the world. it isn't because we screened all of them here, we screened a lot of them at ellis island, about 2% didn't make the grade even after the
, right? the references to their faith. >> yeah. >> and we know that faith and religion are very important when it comes to loss. surrounded by parents. that's very, very important. >> what do you think -- i mean, i have been contemplating this morning the fact that they want their privacy and yet they have come out and now everyone will know their faces so i guess i worry, does that mean some of their privacy will be compromised. do you think this was important for them, though, in terms of their own confidence building to be able to come out and show the world their faces and say we're strong? we're survivors? >> yes, i think this was intelligent first of all because i think this will keep the media at bay. they weren't crying. they weren't looking traumatized. they weren't talking about their captor. all of that was very smart because frankly it makes us less interested. that's sad to say about america. but we gravitate toward the disturbing story and they have made this less disturbing. so that was smart of them and i do think that it's affirming, you know, we want them to have inner s
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)